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Home emergency cover

If your heating system was to break down, or there is a leak from your central heating, water pipes or toilet would you want access to an approved contractor to fix such emergencies?

This home emergency cover will provide assistance in the event of certain home emergencies, which impact the safety and security of your home, potentially rendering it uninhabitable including;

Plumbing and drainage problems*

Failure of internal electrics*

Security (i.e. glazing and locks)

Pests inside your home*

Internal gas supply pipes*

Boiler & heating system*

Roofing problems due to storm damage/bad weather*

*Subject to the terms and conditions of the policy booklet.

Home Emergency

If you suffer one of the emergencies above in your home, you can obtain assistance by contacting the 24 hour emergency helpline providing as much information as possible including your policy number.

Following a claim, this cover will organise and pay up to £1000 per claim including VAT, call out, labour, parts and materials to carry out an emergency repair.

In the event of your home becoming inhabitable and remaining so because of a covered event, this cover will contribute up to £200 including VAT towards the cost of your (including your pets) accommodation including transport, on a reimbursement basis.

Home Legal Protection Insurance

Home legal protection insurance is designed to provide cover for legal costs up to £100,000 for pursuing or defending a claim in a variety of different situations, including:

• Making a claim if you are injured and it’s not your fault, such as being knocked off your bicycle or slipping on a wet floor.

• Taking legal action against a tradesman who is refusing to put right faulty workmanship or damage they have caused to your home.

Home Legal Protection also provides a 24 hour personal legal helpline which can provide initial legal advice on any private legal matter within the UK. This helpline can advise you what your legal rights are, what options are available and how best to implement these including whether you need a lawyer.

Your Home Legal Protection Insurance applies to you and any members of your family who permanently reside with you at your home.

Legal Expenses

What is covered by home legal protection insurance?

Personal Injury and Clinical Negligence - To pursue legal proceedings against a third party if injury or death is suffered due to an accident or as a result of clinical negligence.

Consumer Issues - Legal costs for the pursuit or defence of a claim relating to a contract for the sale, purchase, servicing, repair or hire of personal goods or services.

Employment Disputes - If you or a family member living with you experience a breach of your rights under your contract of employment; and/or employment laws and wish to pursue a claim.

Property Issues - To pursue legal action for nuisance, trespass or property damage relating to your home.

Tax Disputes - Legal Costs for a claim to respond to a formal aspect or full enquiry into your personal income tax position.

Jury Service - The home legal protection insurance will pay your salary or wages for time that you have had to take off work whilst attending jury service providing your salary or wages are not legally recoverable from the court or your employer.

Cover applies when there is a 51% or more chance of success and any legal costs must be proportionate to the claim, for example incurring legal costs of £10,000 to recover £500 would not be covered. For full terms and conditions please refer to the policy booklet.



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